Meryl Streep is my therapist

by gm

Kathryn Gray


I met a married man once, on a train. He was handsome.
He had the kind of face that made me think
of clean, smooth hands. I should add that
in the end nothing really happened.

I have done terrible things I will not own.

The dingo took my baby!

Bear with me.

Men have left me. No Vietnam. They simply went.
You must hear this sort of thing all the time. But.
I have stood, hooded, on the jetty;
the sea—the sea turned over my mind, roughly.

I have been very tired and emotional [air quotes].
I cannot afford a rehab facility.

There are not enough key lime pies in this world
for all the people who deserve them. In the face.
Yes, this is heartburn.
You might be onto something.

O Michael! O Michael! O Michael!

I worry that I’m all cliché.
I like to fake accents with strangers.
I suppose that tells you a lot.

I suffer from Imposter Syndrome. Or maybe not.

I had a farm—