by gm

Mark Callanan


Even the insane are guilty
of adopting the dominant
pose. Years ago, you were
nobody if you weren’t
the big J.C. hoofing it
down St. John’s streets
in a t-shirt in January,
spreading the good news
with venereal efficiency,
sparing fellow citizens
their handfuls of venal sins.
Came a time, the web of
self-delusion set its net
worldwide. Dial up. Early
Internet. You remember.
Then the tone switched
from sacred to paranoid:
G-men in surveillance vans,
phones tapped, web traffic
monitored. Tin foil saw
a new heyday. I’m told
now they’re returning
to the old tropes, visions
and revisions of Christ
talking through the buzz
of neon lights, bushes
giving sermons. The sonnet
is making a big comeback,
or might yet, someday.