Safety Heart

by gm

Robert Priest


Some hearts are made
to be broken
like a bicycle helmet
that cracks on impact
instead of your head.

These are safety hearts
They can just split or
balloon out
and push you back
whole and away from the impact.
They take the blow.
They’re passion fuses
that pop in overload.

When your heart breaks
remember you have been saved.
When you’re up against a post
pounding with your fist “no no no”
remember you’ve been blown off a terrible course.

The guard rail has kept you back
from the abyss of deeper and deeper.
Be aware something got hit hard for you.
Your safety heart
took the big dark weight of loss
and shunted it to the other side.

When you’re bucking in the bed
biting the sheets
trying to keep that strangled scream in

this is missing a calamity
this is what it’s like to get away.