Needleminer (for/after C.D. Wright)

by gm

Gary Barwin


Meanwhile the areola continued, a lateral grey endosquirrel down superior ambiance.

Refrain to the distalwolf, a thorasic minksong down and down the porcupine of ventral ectolight.

Eastern Occipital wood. Woodchuck proximal. Great shrew of red bat meadowbright.

Deer cooling against the cranial vole. The auricle inferior apprehends the coyotoid awakening. Who played only what beaver chose, who chose only to play “fovea muskrat fovea down.”

A dorsal sparrow emptied. The ruby short-tailed lumbar of shoppingcart racoonoplasty.

The pine vole’s silverhaired kingfisher perceives a Norway rat of seminiferous stickleback. Time’s flying needleminer.

It isn’t a horsenut ectosilver, wisenheimer. There weren’t birch skeletonizers to bullrush deltoid duskbat hiss.

At the brush wolf. When they were mink. The humans were hard glossy woodland. The children asleep on the dendrite swallow with the motor warm. Ventral bellybreath the ornamental swan of the pelvis. The spider’s private life: shadows animating a boxelder.

“Never avert your eyes.” (Pine spittlebug.)

The anthropocene is a writing of light, a flocking of swallows.

More than magnolia, crepe myrtle is missed. The white bushes especially.

Against undifferentiated dark. It is unlike night.