Lady and the Elder

nathan dueck


Father 2bold dropped in
On me one time.
He cried, How Can U
Just Stand There As I Cry?

He cried, I Am Here 2 Tell U
Something Girl.
Have U Ever
Heard O’ The After World?

I cried, Brother,
If you can’t tell
I’ve long tuned out
The gospel.

He Cried, So U Want
2 B Led?
I cried, That’s just noise
In my head.

He cried, Honey
Let Me Guide U.
I cried, Sounds like it’s
On a loop!

He cried, I Am
Ur Messiah
Because I Would Die
4 U, Yeah.
Yeah, I Will
Come Again.
C Ya!

I don’t know what he said,
It’s been a while,
But, oh, Fr. 2bold
Stayed awhile –
Yeah, I knew who he was
All bible-style.